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How we think Jesus will return verses how he actually will return


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Hi everyone, this thought and always point came into a few discussions I've been with some friend groups and church discussions. But I was wondering what everyone's opinion would be on our expectations vs how Jesus would come. This came up because one person made it known how the Jewish people could not recognise based on their own expectation of how the Messiah would appear and was wondering what if today we might be having that mentality as Christians. Just wondering, what anyone can comment on the topic and also if you can how can discern how Jesus will come again.

Thank you and hope we can keep the responses constructive without any hate but logical and proper according the the Scriptures. God Bless!


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Only the Father knows the time of the rapture. Everyone knows the time of the second coming, exactly 7 Jewish years after the rapture at the end of the tribulation. He will come leading an army of angels at Armageddon when he establishes his millennial kingdom.

The Bible says what the imminent signs of the rapture are. We are living in those times.