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Looking for Paul

- It is not because Paul was in charge of the nations that the rest does not have responsibilities!

- Every Christian is supposed to participate in the harvest!
Paul was a teacher and guide, not in control. yes, we are all parts of the body of Christ.
- You can say teacher and guide!

- But he also organized the preaching work in the places he was!

- He did his best to go back to the cities he had gone before!

- And he wrote letters to the congregations he built to encourage the Christians there!

- He did his job without the help of the other apostles!

- He organized everything among gthe nations and then he went to see the other apostles!

- It was like two heads working for the same interests!
17) Acts 18

In Corinth, Paul makes tents and talks every sabbath

to persuade Jews and Greeks. But because the Jews

oppose him and speak abusively he decides to turn

to the nations. And many Corinthians become Christians.

In a vision at night, the Lord tells Paul to stay in Corinth

and not to be afraid and keep on speaking. And Paul

stays in the city for a year and a half. And the Jews

organize an attack against Paul and bring him before

the proconsul but he sees that the matter has nothing

to do with the Romans, so they must solve the problem

by themselves. Then Paul goes to Ephesus. And he gets

into the synagogue and reasons with the Jews. Then he

keeps moving from different places strengthening

all the disciples. A Jew named Apollos arrives in Ephesus.

He is an eloquent man who is well-versed in the

Scriptures and he has been instructed in the way of

God so he is speaking and teaching accurately about

Jesus but he was only baptized by John the Baptist.

And he goes to Achaia and keeps teaching about Jesus

and helps many disciples.

- Here we are told about Paul who keeps being

active teaching people and encouraging the disciples!

- He is not afraid of anybody!

- He has a vision and the Lord tells him to stay in the

city and teaching people and not being afraid!

- And Paul does according what he is told!

- We are also told about Apollos who is a Jew and a disciple!

- He also does a good job to help strengthen the disciples!
18) Acts 19

Paul goes to Ephesus and asks the disciples there if they

had received holy spirit but they have never heard about

it. In fact, they were baptized in john’s baptism. Thus

they get baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. Then he

lays his hands on them and they receive holy spirit and

begin speaking in foreign languages and prophesying.

There are 12 men in all. Then Paul teaches in the

synagogue for three months. As usual some Jews oppose

him speaking injuriously about the Way before the crowd.

As a consequence, he gives talks daily in the

school auditorium of Tyrannus for two years. And

many people are cured, even cloths and aprons that

have touched Paul’s body cure the sick. But when seven

sons of a Jewish chief priest names Sceva try to do it,

the wicked spirit opposes them and he attacks them and

they flee naked and wounded out. Many who

become believers come and confess and report their

practices openly and many valuable books about magical

arts are brought and burnt. But some oppose the Way

and Paul because they make a lot of money through

business related to religion and especially about the

worship of the goddess Artemis. So there occurs a

lot of confusion in the city. The disciples tells Paul not

to go in public to protect him. And the city recorder

finally calms the crowd down.

- More and more disciples are added!

- Paul does a good teaching job!

- And as usual, opponents bring confusion and violence

to oppose him and the Way!

- it is always connected to personal and financial interests!

- But Paul is never impressed!

- Only the disciples prevent him from risking his own life!
- Acts 1 only tells us that two disciples are proposed!

- Then they pray God to choose one of the two!

- They cast lots over them!

- And the lot falls to Matthias!

- So yes the process is different!

- Jesus appears to Saul in a vision!

- And Jesus speaks directly to him!

- And he tells him what to do next!
19) Acts 20

Paul goes to Macedonia and Greece and back to Macedonia

instead of Syria because of a plot organized by the Jews. In

Troas, during a meal, Paul makes a speech till midnight and

a young man falls asleep and falls from the third story and

dies. But Paul throws himself on him and embraces him and

brings him back to life. So they sail and Paul wants to go to

Jerusalem for the festival of Pentecost. But sooner or later he

can expect imprisonment and tribulations. Knowing that he

won’t be able to come back to Ephesus, he meets the elders

in Miletus where he encourages them to stay faithful and

warns them about the coming of oppressive wolves and they

pray together.

- When Paul speaks about tribulations, he knows what it


- He has lived through tribulations!

- And through all his letters, he keeps warning the disciples

about the coming tribulations and the oppressive wolves!

- Oppressive wolves will come and look for their own

interests and modify Jesus’ message!

- He knows that hard times are coming and tribulations and


- But Jesus told the same before his death!
20) Acts 21

Paul sails again and arrives at Tyre. He stays 7 days with

the disciples. All the disciples tell Paul not to go

to Jerusalem. When they arrive at Cesarea, a prophet goes

to Paul and tells him that he is going to be bound by the

Jews in Jerusalem and he will be given to the people of

the nations. The disciples try to stop him but Paul goes

to Jerusalem. Many Jews have become believers but they

say that Paul teaches an apostasy telling the Jews among

the nations not to circumcise their children or to follow

the customary practices. When Paul is in the temple

some Jews try to kill Paul and the commander of the

army take soldiers and army officers because of

the confusion and goes to them. When they see the

soldiers they stop beating Paul. And the commander

orders Paul to be bound and taken to the soldiers’

quarters because of the disturbance. Then Paul

starts to speak to the commander. And after getting

the permission from the commander, he speaks to the


- Before going to Jerusalem, Paul knew what was going

to happen to him!

- But he was ready!

- So first he is beaten by the Jews who want to kill him!

- Then the Roman commander arrives!

- He asks permission to speak to the crowd!

- We are going to listen to his message!

- Nobody can stop Paul speaking about God’s kingdom!

- Since the day he was chosen by Jesus, he has been

teaching people about God’s kingdom!

- And he knew he had to suffer many tribulations!
21) Acts 22

Paul tells about his history and how he used to persecute

the Way. Then he has a vision of Jesus resurrected

and becomes blind before recovering his sight. God

chooses him to be a witness to all men of the things he

has seen and heard. He speaks about the murder of

Stephen. But the Jews raise their voices against Paul.

So the commander orders Paul to be brought into

the soldiers’ quarters to be interrogated under

scourging. Then Paul asks the army officer if it is lawful

to scourge a Roman who has not been condemned. And

the military commander becomes afraid because Paul

is a Roman. The next day, he releases Paul and assembles

the chief priests and all the Sanhedrin with Paul to

know what Paul is being accused by the Jews.

- Paul speaks boldly to the crowd!

- He is not afraid!

- he defends himself in front of the military commander!

- He knows he works for God!

- And he represents him!

- He has been chosen for that!

- Not for a peaceful life!

- He knows he will get into trouble again and again!

- But he is faithful!

- And that’s the most important thing for him!
yes, but you said Matthias replace Judas.
- I repreated what Acts 1 says!

- The twelve apostles were dedicated to the work opened by Jesus!

- Paul was dedicated to the world!

- It is completely different!

- Moreover, he organized his work alone helped by others!

- He only met the apostles later on!

- Once again, it's like having two heads!

- A different field, a different job!
22) Acts 23

Paul speaks in front of the Sanhedrin. Knowing that

there were half Sadducees and half Pharisees, he

presents himself as a Pharisee and son of Pharisee and

being judged because of the hope of the resurrection

of the dead. And a dissension arises between them

so the military commander decides to bring Paul

into the soldiers’ quarters. The following night

the Lord appears to Paul telling him that he will bear

witness in Rome. The Jews want to kill Paul who

escapes an organized ambush. So the military

commander sends Paul to Felix the governor

in Caesarea with many soldiers to prevent any attempt.

- As usual, the Jews try to kill their religious

opponents, in this case Paul!

- They can’t bear being challenged!

- Jesus tells Paul he will go to Rome to bear witness!

- It shows us what happens when people have no


- But it leads nowhere!

- It only shows your inability to defend your faith!

- We remember how the Pharisees and Sadducees did

against Jesus!

- And Jesus went on accusing them with more strength

and powerful arguments!

- Thus you show to whom you look like by your


- Like Jesus or like the Pharisees and Sadducees!

- Many of them were paid with the destruction of