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looking for Genesis


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Genesis 1

Day one :

- Light

- A division between light and darkness

Day two :

- A division between the waters (beneath the expanse) and the waters (above the expanse)

Day three :

- A division between the seas and the dry land earth

- Grass and seed-bearing plants and trees yielding fruit along with seed on the earth

Day four :

- The greater luminary to dominate the day

- The lesser luminary to dominate the night

- The stars

Day five :

- The sea creatures

- The flying creatures

Day six :

- Domestic animals

- creeping animals

- Wild animals

- Man (male and female)

- Man must have in subjection all the animals

- Green vegetation for food

It is a big surprise to think about the order of God’s creation compared to the disorder of human society, a society completely away from God ! Poor man !
Genesis 2

Day seven :

- God begins to rest !

A history of the heavens and the earth :

At first, there was no bush and no vegetation and no rain and no man to cultivate the ground but a mist going up from the earth and watering the entire surface of the ground. And God made man out of dust from the ground and blew into his nostrils the breath of life and man became A LIVING SOUL (NEPHESH).

- The garden in Eden

- Man was put in it

- Every kind of vegetation in it

- The tree of life

- The tree of the knowledge of good and bad

- One river dividing into four rivers

- Man was supposed to cultivate and take care of the garden of Eden

- Man couldn’t eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and bad for in the day he eats from it he will certainly die

- God had been creating animals and man would give a name to each one

- God made a woman out of man (from one of his ribs)

- A man will leave his father and his mother and he will stick to his wife and they will become one flesh.

- They were naked and not ashamed of it
Genesis 3

- The serpent asks Eve if they must not really eat from every tree of the garden. Of course, he doesn’t ask it to Adam because Adam received this commandment directly from God.

- So she answers that they must not eat from the tree which is in the middle of the garden. Of course, it is not in the middle of the garden for nothing. Of course, it is a symbol of God’s authority and by not eating from this tree, they recognize that God is their leader and that they depend on him.

- And they know that if they eat from it they will die.

- And the serpent answers that they certainly will not die meaning that God is a liar and they can’t trust him. He puts his authority in question. And he is jealous of the worship he gets from human beings. It is exactly the same with Job and the devil thinks, from the beginning, that he can take away all human beings from God and probably the same with God’s angels. And this is incredible because God gives the choice to human beings and to angels to obey him or not. It’s UP TO YOU! And there is no HALF CHOICE! It is YES or NO, it is not maybe yes or maybe not! And it is a question of LIFE or DEATH! And the usual message we hear is YOU CERTAINLY WILL NOT DIE! The problem is that it is not God’s message but the devil’s one just like in the beginning. And what happened to Adam and Eve: they died and we can die too if we don’t make God’s will!

- but he was right when he said that the day they ate the fruit they shouldn’t have to, their eyes opened and they started knowing good and bad meaning they opposed God and disowned him but there was no way back. Because they were perfect. And they were selfish because they only thought about them and Adam was the more guilty because he didn’t want to lose his wife. Moreover, God had done a really good Job because Adam didn’t want to lose his wife but it was no excuse. And all humanity paid the price and we pay the price till today!

- After eating, they realize they are naked and they dress themselves.

- When God call them, they hide because they perfectly know what they did.

- And how does Adam answer God? Adam rejected the fault on Eve! How courageous! And Eve does the same with the devil!

- The serpent is cursed!

- There appears an opposition between the serpent and the woman and the serpent’s offspring and the woman’s one and “he will crush your head and you will strike him in the heel”.

- God will increase the pain of woman’s pregnancy and the man will dominate his wife.

- The ground is cursed because of Adam and man will have to work hard to cultivate it and feed himself.

- And human beings are going to die.

- And after that Adam names his wife Eve because she will become the mother of everyone living.

- And god made clothes to them.

- And he expelled them from the garden of Eden so they couldn’t eat from the tree of life and live forever.
Genesis 4

- Birth of Cain who becomes a cultivator

- Birth of Abel who becomes a shepherd

- Both make offers to God but only Abel is looked with favor because of his attitude. So Cain becomes angry but he doesn’t change of attitude. On the contrary, he killed his brother which shows who he really is. But his parents opposed God so it is logical! But it didn’t prevent Abel from having a good attitude! So it’s not because the majority acts badly that everybody without exception must do the same! Even if there are few examples in the Bible, there are good examples and that’s what counts! It is always easier to do what’s wrong rather than doing what’s right!

- Then Cain is cursed in banishment and becomes a wanderer and a fugitive. Later Cain becomes father of Enoch and Cain builds a city and names it after his son Enoch. And they get more children.

- Birth of Seth, the third child of Adam and Eve

- Seth becomes father of Enosch. At that time people begin calling on the name of God. So human beings stayed awqay from God for quite a lot of time.
Genesis 5

- Adam got Seth when he was 130.

- He lived a total of 930 years.

- He got many sons and daughters.

- Seth lives a total of 912 years.

- Enosh lived a total of 905 years.

- Kenan lived a total of 910 years

- Mahalalel lived for a total of 895 years.

- Jared lived for a total of 962 years.

- Enoch lived for a total of 365 years and walked with the true God.

- Methuselah lived for a total of 969 years.

- Lamech lived for a total of 777 years.

- Noah was 500 when he became father to Shem, Ham and Japheth.
Genesis 6

- Some angels decide to go down to the earth and get married with human wives.

- As a consequence, God decides to reduce man’s life to 120 years.

- They have sons, the Nephilim, who are the mighty ones.

- Wickedness keeps growing to such a point that God decides to put an end to the human society.

- But he wants to save Noah who walks with God.

- He has three sons: Shem, Ham and Japheth.

- He tells Noah to build an ark to protect him from the flood.
Genesis 7

- God tells Noah to enter into the ark with his family and the animals.

- There will be a flood for 40 days and 40 nights.

- Every living thing God made will die.

- Noah was 600 years

- The flood started 7 days later.

- The ark floated.

- All the tall mountains were covered.

- The waters kept covering the earth for 150 days.
Genesis 8

God uses a wind so it stops raining and the waters start subsiding. Finally the ark comes to rest on Mount Ararat. Then the tops of the mountains appear. And Noah sends out a raven but it comes back. Then he sends a dove but it comes back too. Seven days later he sends again the dove and it comes back with a freshly plucked olive leaf in its bill. He waits seven more days and he sends out the dove but it does not return. When the earth is drying, Noah removes the covering of the ark. When the earth is dried, God tells Noah to go out of the ark. And Noah builds an altar to God and takes some of all the clean animals and offers them on the altar. And God decides not to destroy again humanity through a flood. And the earth will keep producing food.
Genesis 9

God blesses Noah and his sons and he tells them to fill the earth. Now animals will fear human beings and they can eat them. But as Genesis 9:4 says: “But flesh with the life thereof, [which is] the blood thereof, shall ye not eat.”

(yea flesh in soul-of him blood-of him not you shall-eat)

in soul-of him = b.nphsh.u



you shall eat not blood with its life flesh



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For other uses, see Nefesh (disambiguation).
Nephesh (נֶ֫פֶשׁ‎ nép̄eš) is a Biblical Hebrew word which occurs in the Hebrew Bible. The word refers to the aspects of sentience, and human beings and other animals are both described as having nephesh.[1][2] Plants, as an example of live organisms, are not referred in the Bible as having nephesh. The term נפש‎ is literally "soul", although it is commonly rendered as "life" in English translations.[3] One view is that nephesh relates to sentient being without the idea of life and that, rather than having a nephesh, a sentient creation of God is a nephesh. In Genesis 2:7 the text is not that Adam was given a nephesh but that Adam "became a living nephesh." Nephesh when put with another word can detail aspects related to the concept of nephesh; with רוּחַ‎ rûach ("spirit") it describes a part of mankind that is immaterial, like one's mind, emotions, will, intellect, personality, and conscience, as in Job 7:11.[4][5]

Biblical use

The word nephesh occurs 754 times in the Hebrew Bible. The first four times nephesh is used in the Bible, it is used exclusively to describe animals: Gen 1:20 (sea life), Gen 1:21 (great sea life), Gen 1:24 (land creatures), Gen 1:30 (birds and land creatures). At Gen 2:7 nephesh is used as description of man.

Job 12:7–10 parallels the words רוח (ruah) and נפׁש (nephesh): “In His hand is the life (nephesh) of every living thing and the spirit (ruah) of every human being.”

The Hebrew term, nephesh chayyah is often translated "living soul".[6] Chayyah alone is often translated living thing or animal.[7]

Often nephesh is used as saving your life, nephesh then is referring to complete person's life as in Joshua 2:13; Isaiah 44:20; 1 Samuel 19:11; Psalm 6:5; 49:15; 72:13.

In Greek the word ψυχή (psyche) is the closest equivalent to the Hebrew nephesh.[8] In its turn, the Latin word for ψυχή is anima, etymon of the word animal.

If A man kills a man he must be killed. And God establishes a covenant with Noah and his sons so that he will never destroy humanity through a flood. And he puts his rainbow to remember it. The Noah’s three sons are Shem, Ham and Japheth. One day, Noah drinks wine and he becomes intoxicated and he gets naked inside his tent and Ham sees him and tells his brothers and both cover their father without seeing his nakedness. When Noah wakes up, he curses Ham’s descendants. And Noah lives for 350 years after the Flood and in total 950 years before he dies.
Genesis 10

In this chapter we are told about Noah’s sons and their children.

One of the sons of Ham is Cush who becomes father to Nimrod who is the first to become a mighty one on the earth and he opposes God. He builds many cities such as Babel and Nineveh.
Genesis 11

People used to speak only one language. And they built a big city called Babel with a big tower and they didn’t want to fill the earth. So God confused their language so they couldn’t understand each other and they left the city. In this chapter we are told about Shem’s history which leads us to Terah Abram’s father. Abram’s wife was Sarai and Terah and Abram and Lot left Ur to go to the land of Canaan.
When I read about God’s creation in Genesis, I see a program and a structure and order like everywhere in the Old Testament in relation with God. Of course, in the old Testament you find disorder everywhere because of man. And man is always looking for disorder. Even the name Old Testament is a joke because when you read this part of the Bible you see God’s order. That’s why people usually don’t understand God. So this part of the Bible is not an old testament, it’s a living one and we need to know it to understand God. Of course, every time, it is more difficult because we get more and more disorder so this world is going to the opposite direction so this world is a joke!
Genesis 12

At the beginning of this chapter God tells Abram to migrate and he will bless him and make him a great nation. So he leaves Haran when he is 75. So once again, we are told about a faithful servant of God when he is old. We don’t know anything about him before. And he moves with his family to Haran. But he has to go to Egypt because there is a famine in Canaan. As Sarai is beautiful so he fears the Egyptians will kill him to get her. So he tells her to say that she just is his sister. And Sarai is brought to the house of Pharaoh who treats Abram well because of Sarai. But then God strikes Pharaoh with severe plagues because of Sarai. So Pharaoh sends Abram away.
And Abram told the truth when he said that Sarai was his sister. Such a union was still possible at this time without any consequences. And Abram was intelligent and wary. That’s what we get at this time of Abram’s history.

Genesis 13

Abram leaves Egypt to go to the Negueb with his wife and Lot. He is very rich in livestock, silver and Gold. He camps from place to place. He goes to a place between Bethel and Ai where he had previously built an altar and there he calls on the name of God. The land is not sufficient for Abram and Lot because of their livestocks. So they decide to separate. Abram lives in the land of Canaan and Lot lives among the cities of the district. He finally chooses Sodom. There the men are wicked, gross sinners against God. And God promises to give Abram this land of Canaan.

- This chapter tells us to be careful to where we go and who meet!

- The next chapters will enhance this reality!

- The price may be really high to pay!
Genesis 14

There is a war and Sodom and Gomorrah lose. And Lot is taken by the victors. Someone escapes and tells Abram. So he mobilizes his trained men (318 men) and pursues the victors. And he defeats the victors and recovers all the goods and Lot and the other people. And he meets Melchizedek king of Salem who is priest of the Most High God and Melchizedek blesses him. And Abram gives him a tenth of everything. And he gives back everything to the king of Sodom.

- We see Abram as a man of action who doesn’t lose time and reacts all at once to save Lot!

- He knows what belongs to God by giving a tenth of everything!

- And he is not greedy because he could have kept everything but he gives back to the king of Sodom what belongs to him!

- We can easily understand why he was chosen by God!
Genesis 15

Abram is childless and god tells him he will get a son. And he makes the promise to give him the land of Canaan. Then Abram makes an offering to God. Then a deep sleep falls upon him. In his sleep, God tells Abram that his offspring will be foreigners in a foreign country and enslaved and afflicted for 400 years. But after that, God will free them. And Abram will die old. And his offspring will come back to canaan. And God makes a covenant with Abram and a promise about the promised land.

- Here we get an important and essential promise for Abram about the promised land of Canaan!

- And a son too!
Genesis 16

Abram and Sarai have no children So Sarai tells Abram to have relations with her servant Agar to get a child. So Agar becomes pregnant and she begins to despise her mistress. As a consequence, Sarai humiliates her and she runs away from her. But god’s angel tells her to go back to Sarai and humble herself under her hand. And he tells her that God will make a great nation. She will have a son and she must call him Ishmael. Abram is 86 when Ishmael was born.

- This situation reminds us of Elkanah, Samuel’s father and his two wives!

- Sarai shouldn’t have done that!

- Why make it easier when it is possible to make it more complicated!

- Human beings are really strange especially when they oppose God!
Genesis 17

Abram is now 99 and god tells him he will multiply him. And he changes his name in Abraham because God will make him a father of many nations. And he makes an everlasting covenant and his offspring will get the entire land of Canaan and God will become their God. And every male must be circumcised. Anyone who refuses must be killed. And Abram’s wife becomes Sarah. But Abraham begins to laugh because he is 100 and his wife 90. But God tells him he will have a son with his wife and he will be called Isaac. But Ishmael will also be blessed. So Abraham and all the men of his household get circumcised.

- Well, think about it: having a child at 100 for Abraham and 90 for Sarah!

- What a miracle!
Genesis 18

God appears to Abraham and he sees three men standing some distance from him. So he runs to meet them and bows down to the ground; And he offers them to wash their feet and some bread. So he tells his wife to make some bread and prepare a tender good young bull and also brings butter and milk and the three men eat. Then one of them tells Abraham that he will return to him next year and his wife Sarah will have a son. Sarah is listening and she begins to laugh to herself because her husband and she are to old to get a child. So God asks Abraham why Sarah is laughing because nothing is too extraordinary to God. Bud Sarah is afraid so she denies having laughed. God says that Sodom and Gomorrah behave really bad so he sends his angels there but he remains with Abraham! Then Abraham has an argument with God about possible righteous men there. And he tells god he can’t destroy these cities if there are righteous men there starting from 50 and going down to 10 (50,45,40,30,20,10). And each time God says he will not destroy the cities in case he finds righteous men.

- When we hear Abraham, he seems to be at the market trying to sell or buy a product and discussing the price!

- But in fact he speaks to God!

- And God answers patiently to Abraham!

- It seems to be unreal!

- A simple man arguing with god!

- But this man is special to God!

- He is so special to God that he can speak to him in such a way and God patiently answers him!
Genesis 19

The two angels arrive at Sodom by evening and they are received by Lot in his house. Before thy can go to bed, the men of the city – the men of Sodom from boy to old man, all of them – surrounded the house in one mob. They want Lot to bring them so they can have sex with them. But Lot offers his two daughters because the two men have come under his shelter. The two angels take Lot into the house and shut the door. And they strike the men who are at the entrance of the house with blindness. Then they tell Lot to go out with his family because they are going to destroy the city. But his sons-in-law don’t listen to Lot. And they force Lot and his wife and his two daughters to go away and they tell them not to look behind them. But Lot’s wife doesn’t care and looks behind her and she becomes a pillar of salt. His two daughters decide to give wind to their father and then lie down with him to get children because there was no man available in the area. And Lot isn’t conscious of what is happening. So they become pregnant. The two children become fathers of the Moabites and of the Ammonites.

- The men of Sodom from boy to old man!

- Is it possible to be more explicit?

- The whole population is contaminated!

- That’s why God decided to destroy whole cities and to exterminate the populations!

- Only Lot and his two daughters survive because they follow scrupulously what is told to them!

- Lot’s wife doesn’t care, she makes her own cooking but it doesn’t work, on the contrary!

- Same for us, may we listen scrupulously or not, they won’t be any surprise!

- God has warned human beings in his Bible!

- When he cleanses the earth, it will be like in Sodom and Gomorrah!

- No excuse!