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Hello, fellow Christian Chatters. I've been posting away responding to threads, and it just occurred to me that I haven't introduced myself. My surname is Frank, so I must be French, I go by that online all the time. In temporal reality, my family has been in North America since way before the revolution, and we even have our French share of the Indians, so in that since, like before the Romans colonized England. I don't really have like some specific church I go to or denomination I think I belong to, I have a Bible on each device and a printed bound copy. My whole education is really really really modernist, my degrees are in philosophy, but I'm pretty much a hanger looser about that, I know all the books and what's wrong with them, as well as who was really trying to find the truth and the historical timelines and everything.
Just out of curiosity, have the rest ever heard of
SUBTOPIC: Jefferson Airplane. ?
Does anybody want to talk about it? Because that did used to mean something else, Way back before the Kitty Hawk biplane.
Yea, … I believe the Jefferson Airplane replaced the Adams Airplane, way back, and it was replaced in turn by the famous Madison Airplane …

For more information, go ask Alice, ...

Oh, the music - drugs connection. Not going to try to claim that that isn't an actual problem. I was actually just referring to the name, in and of itself. But now that you mention it, the song White Rabbit has caused a lot of problems for a fairly normal nationalist thinker if the person speaks English. It's based on a few several illustrated books with linguistic examples about destroying paradox, I have several of those on my iPhone, they're about a general format for breaking out of a paradoxical situation. The books have almost nothing to do with drugs, although medical logic does exist, or rather logic applies to medicine as much as it does to anything else.
My point is that the original writing by Lewis Caroll, is about finding common ground to talk to the other citizen in a culture of mass confusion, and I think he may have written it about the English Civil war between Cromwell and Stewart. If my guess is right, it's about religious issues in the times, and his solution is to get the people to figure out whether they're both in England or not.
Actually, the American Civil War has a very similar culture. People try to figure out whether they're both Christians or not.
So our it pretty much a through the looking glass opposite.
The Game of Logic is one of those books. It's famous, it's like a book that I have heard of but not read called Playing the Game of Life To Win, or something like that. Sort of like Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich. The Game of Logic is about informal propositions on the Square of Opposition. Expressed in plain language, it's about the existence and the logic of that which is in FACT imaginary. ("Things which weigh a ton, and a baby can lift", "Welsh Hippopotomi", etc). It's only for young girls, actually. I've never met a boy who has read Lewis Caroll, it's a bit like I never read The Chronicles of Narnia in high school, although it was just incredibly popular with a set of boys, and their girlfriends, I guess. One logical development on it is the work of Alan Turing, developer of The Imitation Game. It's interesting, I don't know how many people understand it outside of the rarified circles of AI researchers I run across in my copious spare time sometimes.

Does anyone know anything about the battle of Ai? I've only ever heard one ACTUAL theologian actually speak on it in a recorded sermon from a church. A lot of people know about the Battle of Ai, but 100% of people I've met in person who conversed with me about it were "Philistines" and Aians.
There is no reason a Well studied student of the Bible would bother with your games. There is far too much archaeology, history and linguistics to cover. I have done so for 60 years
Yeah, but you're a Cromwell and a traitor. Also, you failed to hold off BLM. I don't know if that's just a simple part of your Yankee treason or if you really just aren't a very good intelligence agent. Ai isn't a game on computers, it's also known as chaos theory and it's how flash mobs and riots are organized. That's why people like you lose to people like BLM and the First Earth Battalion. You don't understand how they organize to fight, and you probably can't even tell that they're actually following orders, since you only know your own service's type of organization.
And another thing. "Well Studied" students of the Bible do that all the time. If you did know anything about the Irish War, which you've already admitted that you don't, you'd know that. Ireland, land of both the Book of Kells (first and original manuscript of the Saint James Version of the Bible) AND Finnigan's Wake. It actually takes a highly educated and sophisticated person to REALLY organize and commit actual Blasphemy and true Treason.
It's also why your yellow weak dumbfuck ass lost Vietnam. You should study me. I'm an expert on the belief systems, dynasties, languages and national warfare of that hemisphere.
Loyalty is found in cults, other religions, communist and more. It does not require truth and facts.
Loyalty is found in cults, other religions, communist and more. It does not require truth and facts.
So, you're an enemy of England. Guess what, I'm not even scared of you. Loyalty is a character quality which exists in everyone. It is a result of the fact that human beings are born with souls which know God.
Of course I am not an enemy to England. But I am not blind to reality. you do not understand. And apparently you do not understandThe difference between flesh, soul and spirit.