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Things that are shocking to the Unites States Navy

Heather Frank

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This is hilarious. I wonder if CoreIssue actually owns this website. A dot net? that means it's a copy of Microsoft Visual BASIC. Downloadable and programmable from the Companie's website.

So, what are people who have been around here for a while, what do you guys know? What is the Core Issue here, is the Navy, or is it Project Trinity?

US Naval Intelligence sounds like a perfectly sucky assed job to me. I've been around atom bomb spies before, you'd be surprised how many of those there are in Seattle.

I actually had some required military studies in my own educational days, but I don't want to talk about them until I know who I'm speaking to.

University of Oxford, you know what? That was a very expensive school.

I never could have paid for University of Oxford without joining the Army.
I have owned this website for about 20 years. It is not Microsoft visual basic. It is XenForo.

None of what I did are in Seattle. None of your military studies reveal what I did. I was top secret Crypto code word.

Oxford being expensive does not change the fact it is very liberal. Army is not part of what I did.

You assume you know more than you do.
Well, it's just a crying shame for you that you don't know anyone in the military here in Seattle. Now that I think about it, I do. I know a bunch of people in the nuclear physics end of Bremerton Naval Shipyard. Top secret crypto code word doesn't sound very interesting anyway. I spend more time on atomic science than I do operating my own code wheels.
You know nothing about what I know.
I know almost everything about what you know, provided you are telling the truth and actually spent any time in the Navy. The problem, fundamentally, with people like you, is that you get old and start thinking that you are the only people with knowledge. You falsely assume, for a start, that only you have ever even BEEN to Vietnam.

I know pretty much every single solitary thing about the Cold War era in the Far East, it's all a matter of public record, millions of people have written billions of books on it, and you don't have any secrets.
You know nothing about what I know.
I know everything.
You're not in military intelligence, you're just pretending to be, which means you're a spy (illegal operator) rather than an agent.
If you were really in military intelligence, you would keep it a secret, instead of posting it on the internet under an alias.
And you don't own this website. You're just renting space on a remote server; you don't even have your own site building software. You can't program. That is NOT signal intelligence. It's just some money you spent.
Try again. The website is the software and its content. I own that software and content. Like with owning a car, I own the car and all in it regardless of where I parked it.
Try again. The website is the software and its content. I own that software and content. Like with owning a car, I own the car and all in it regardless of where I parked it.
Software is information. Since you did not write XenForo software, you are not the owner of this website. The computer code you are using is not your intellectual property. You are not a software engineer.

Your relationship to this website is exactly the same as the relationship of a person with a FaceBook page to the FaceBook account. People with such accounts do not own FaceBook, and did not write the FaceBook algorithm.

All you "own" is a rented copy of bulletin board software. You did not write this bulletin board software, and renting is not owning.

Legally, no one owns a piece of software unless the person is the original coder. The program does not belong to you unless you wrote it, further the content has to be stored in your own machine. The content of this website is stored in a mainframe computer belonging to the XenForo corporation, and you are not the XenForo corporation.

Furthermore, you do not own the content of this rented BBS. Nothing you have posted here is your own intellectual property, this site contains no original ideas.

You are just a file sharer capturing links to content created by other people. You didn't write the Bible, and you didn't originate the blasphemous ideas you are pushing.
You sure know little about the Internet. The hosting service provides the rental space I place my website on. I own exclusive rights to use of the software on that server. It is password protected. XenForo Has no access.

I did not write the Bible, neither did you. I read, study and interpret the Bible for what it says, not your doctrine, by which you interpret everything.

One easy example. The Bible rejects denominationalism. You do not. You follow man-made doctrine rather than Bible teaching. You do not read the Bible literally or you would not accept the Anglican church.
You do not own a website.
If you owned a website, the Universal Resource Locator address would be of a program which you had written in HTML and exist in your own hard drive. All you have is an Internet Protocol address located in the XenForo Cloud. Your software rental is merely the virtual electronic equivalent of a storage locker on some company's private property.
You have absolutely no ownership rights to this software whatsoever. For you to own the rights to a piece of software, you have to buy the program (as you would with a copy of Microsoft Visual Basic if you were a real programmer with web development programming skills and abilities).
You don't own this software, if you did, it would be installed in your personal computer's hard drive and be hosted from your own device on your own property. You would have downloaded the web builder and installed it with an installation key (a software copy serial number).
You're just a virtual internet latchkey kid, renting rather than owning, like someone who pays by the day or the month for desktop soldering space in a place like Ada's or Office Nomads.