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The seven plagues in the Bible.

Heather Frank

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Hey, everybody id doing really awesome work on the four kingdoms in Daniel and Revelation.
Two cheers.
Can anyone timeline, compare, and contrast the seven plagues on Egypt and the seven last plagues predicted in Revelation?
That would make in interesting CAD chart.
Wow, bummer. Once again, everyone else on the site is a dotard, and I'm the only person posting who even knows about the symmetry of the seven plagues in Genesis and Revelation.
Yeah, I know. But to be real with you the real problem I have is that I find
A: Coronavirus social distancing and related restrictions very tedious and boring.
B: The undeniable facts of the very real and present danger associated with Coronavirus greatly overshadow many other very serious problems in the realm of humanity (that's in the sense that they are problems with humans which humans could solve, which the microscopic virus is not).
The symmetry of the plagues and the relationship of world problems such as this one in conjunction with the human suffering caused by citizen's fears, and the alarmism issues in some churches about end time prophecy, which must be real Hell for faithful scholars who actually want to do the seriously, as well as the usual social mockery problems that anyone can face regardless of church affiliation, just aren't on the agenda here. Oh well. My bad.
The simple fact is if you do studies Social distancing, masks and mandatory vaccinations and boosters do not work. Many experts in the field make that abundantly clear. The majority of people currently catching the coronavirus are fully vaccinated due to the fact the vaccines lower your resistance to infection. Note the current cruise ship issue.

Contrary to claims by the government there is herd immunity. Those currently contracting are not dying or going to the hospital in numbers. They are not recommending boosters but the government is.

Two in my community recently had coronavirus with both being fully vaccinated.

Social, moral and other issues are very real. They cannot be resolved by law, only made worse. Murders in liberal areas are setting records. People are fleeing liberal cities and states.

Knowing that these are the in times is not fear for born-again Christians. It is knowledge that the time is near for the rapture. So we do not fear what we know is going to happen because we will not be here.