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That's a moral choice you made, probably early in life since naval intelligence can be pretty hard to get in, and being able to get accepted and succeed in that kind of work usually requires an early decision on the part of the person who wants in.

The Royal House of Windsor rules by Devine right, and there's nothing you can do about it. Anyway, it's not my job to "discuss" little backwash backwater homegrown religious issues whit you when you're breaking the law!
I already made it clear they have no divine rights.
That isn't up to you.

Not Biblical.
I think it's really odd that you want to be an American Sailor, America being so much more secular and security state oriented as a republic than England is, as a Christian Crown. In spite of the fact that you believe in republican church and state separationism, which is both blasphemous and civilly illogical, as well as detrimental to the moral character of the people and subversive of the integrity, cohesion and strength of the whole population, every time someone brings up religion in the context of England, you run screaming back to the Bible, which is supposed to be a PRIVATE matter under the US Constitution, and are unable to clearly articulate principled civil state legal reasons for your problems with the Royal House of Windsor.
England has a very secular government. The crown is nothing but a figurehead. It assuredly is not Christian. It started under the Catholic Church and moved to the Church of England. It is not biblically based, but denominationally based.

Our type of government is neither blasphemous or illological. It has dated from ancient times.

The United Kingdom is falling apart. Ireland has already left and Scotland is on the verge of leaving.

I base my beliefs on the Bible, including about England. The Church of England is apostate. The Constitution does not make religion a private matter. All the founding documents were clear on the importance of God in the Bible. The First Amendment is clear religion is a public issue.

Civil and legal reasons are simply, in example, the reasons so many countries have declared independence from England.
England has barely any claim at all on the condition of being secular. It is not at all secular except in the etymological sense, secular is a word from ancient Latin meaning "outside of Rome" or "worldly, other, outside and foreign with relation to Rome and the race of Italians". England, if it was Roman and if it spoke Latin, would be catholic, which is a specification of insular nationalism specific to the nation and race of Italians. All true countries are catholic, Israel is VERY catholic, Greece is catholic, Spain is catholic, and all truly conservative posterity oriented American original intent political thinkers are colonial catholic separatists. In the English language of course, England is termed Anglican, and has always been Anglican. Every nationality has its own word for cohesive loyalty.

Your statement that the Church of England is apostate is totally absurd, literally to the point of being almost meaningless. There have been civil wars in England as there was in the United States, and Christian on Christian violence sadly exists. However, the word apostate literally means that "they murdered the apostles", of whom there were only twelve. The people guilty of this crime were some Roman traitors led by Brutus, who first killed the state leader, and whose surviving followers had first murdered Jesus Christ. The fall of Republican Rome after the Civil War was characterized by race mixing, primarily between the Roman Cabal and some Persians, as had the fall of Greece been after the death of both Alexander and Socrates.

You are supposed to be catholic. It's not a form of racism, it's conscious and mature self-awareness, of your heritage, your national status, and both yours and your countries context historically, linguistically and geographically in the seculorum (whole and entire planet). It also includes knowledge of your personal family's place in the country you belong to and understanding of civic duty as well as other public and private virtues, which are defined as religious in absolutely every culture that exists, not just the Catholic, the Hebrew, and the Christian.