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My conversion experience

In my younger days I was drawn to the Lord and was water baptized. But over time the cares of the world choked out the word in me, just as Jesus’ parable showed.

I began slowly going back to a life of sin. I drank, I did drugs, I smoked, I cursed like a drunken sailor, and I lusted after women and the things of this world. All this went on for about 17 years, and I was not even seeking the Lord.

But one day in March of 2007 I woke up and I was suddenly filled with the Holy Spirit. My body felt weightless, like I was floating on a cloud. I also felt like I was glowing, like I was illuminated from within, so much so that I had to go look in a mirror to see if it was visible to the eye, but it was within.

My vision became crystal clear, like I had been looking thru a dirty window my whole life. And I had this overwhelming feeling of comfort, love, peace, and joy come upon me, which words just can’t describe.

But one of the most amazing things was, the words of God came pouring into me like clear mountain waters pouring down from on high. And with those words came understanding in those words.

Before that day I could not quote a verse of scripture from memory. But at that day I could quote the scriptures like I had been studying them my whole life. This I learned later was Christ being revealed in me.

All of this amazed me because I was not seeking God at the time. And at first I thought I might be losing my mind or something. So I asked God, if this is really you, just give me sign.

In my living room we had a ceiling fan with lights on it, with a ceramic handled pull cord. I asked the Lord, if this is really Him, just move that pull cord so I will know for sure, but nothing happened.

Then I felt bad, because it dawned on me that I had just tempted the Lord. A few minutes later I had grabbed my Bible, which I had not opened in almost 17 years and began to read. Suddenly I heard this loud noise, and I looked up.

The noise I heard was the ceramic knob on the pull cord swinging around, so much so that it was hitting glass on the lights above it. I was so amazed, because the fan was not on, and there was no one else in the room but me. God answered my request, and confirmed to me, that yes, it was the Lord.

That very day by the power of God, I stopped drinking, stopped doing drugs, stopped smoking, and stopped cursing. Getting my thoughts under control took a bit longer, but God gave me the strength to do that as well.

Amazing things happened after that day as well, I had dreams and visions and began to understand many of the mysteries found in God’s Word. I began sharing the gospel in person and online, and have not stopped ever since.

I was truly born again that day, and made a new man in Christ.

All the praise, honor, and glory belongs to the Lord who delivered me from the power of sin and death!
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