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Hello brothers and sisters


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My name is Brett. I am 39 years old with an amazing and beautiful wife, and 2 wonderful kids. I gave my life to the Lord when I was 12 years old. In my late teens I met the wrong girl and my priorities changed which left me putting God on the back burner of my life. I ended up experimenting with drugs and alcohol and living with her. She left after a couple years and I fell into a deep and almost deadly drug and alcohol addiction. God never left me. In fact He made himself very clear to me throughout those years. I was just to ashamed and addicted. A few years later I met my now wife. We both partied and lived in sin and she ended up getting pregnant. Addicted and not thinking straight I left her and started seeing someone else. Thank God that didn't work out. On the day our son was born we weren't together but I was there for his birth. I started the morning off getting high before we went to the hospital and made sure I had a pocket full of pills to get me through the day. I remember sitting in the delivery room watching the Andy Griffith show when I noticed a familiar presence enter the room. A few hours later as my son was being born I looked at my wife (just baby's mama at the time) and I became sober. My mind became clear. I instantly started falling in love with her. Moments later when our son came into this world the presence of God was heavy on me. At that moment I knew that if I didn't give my life back to God and serve him I was going to die. That very second I quit everything and began my journey with Christ in restoration and redemption. I have been clean and sober for over 12 years and LOVE being a husband and father and leading my household in Christ.

I look forward to joining into conversation with fellow believers in this forum. God bless you all.