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As regards the personal moral character, circumstances of his parents' marriage status at his birth, national and secular temporal loyalty and probable spiritual destination in the life to come, after he dies ingloriously without a fight licking the boots of death however death appears to him, sniveling and simpering that he only meant to follow the local law as he understood it, the Egyptian is faithless.

CoreIssue is disloyal, and that word means TRAITOR! He likely wasn't even loyal enough to the alleged "United States" even to fight for the dying embers of independence in the days of Jefferson Davis. If he did do so, then it is because he was too treacherous to fight for the Union in the days of King George.

Don't listen to CoreIssue. All he knows is which way the wind is blowing.
Ok, all right then. I'm sorry I called everyone stupid. No one on the Christion Talk Zone forum is stupid. All stupid people bend at the waist. All free workers bend at the knees and lift with their torsos.
Let's discuss the character and identity of the famous Jerusalem Priest, Zadock. A lot of people on this site seem to think that they know Hebrew, but do they know the identity and character of Zadock? The identity and character of Zadock can only be learned in a Synagogue School, or from someone who attended one.

None of us claim to know ancient Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek. The Bible was written in these ancient languages, not the modern versions.

None of us claim to know ancient Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek. The Bible was written in these ancient languages, not the modern versions.

You should go to Synagogue. Zadock is the name of the priest who was serving in the Temple of Jerusalem when Judas Iscariot came in and threw his thirty pieces of silver on the floor, saying that he had repented of betraying Jesus Christ with the secret police of Herod Agrippa.

Zadock was a priest and could forgive sins, but Zadock did not forgive Judas. Why did not Zadock forgive Judas? Because Zadock was a pious priest. Judas was not so sorry for his betrayal; he only gave back the money. In the character of Judas, he thought that the deed had been for money and that giving back the money would right the wrong. Judas did not repent, he only gave back the money. That is why Zadock did not forgive Judas.
Priests could not forgive sins, ever. Nor did they claim to. He was not a follower of God, he was a Pharisee, whom Jesus condemned. Synagogue refers to apostate Judaism. Why would you go to those who reject Christ?

Judas threw the thirty silver coins into the temple (Matthew 27:3-5). The Jewish leaders used the thirty pieces of silver to buy a field from a potter, again as Zechariah had predicted (Matthew 27:6-10). That was not giving the coins back, it was an act of accusation and contempt against the priests for their betrayal of Christ.
A movie? Sad irrelevant claim.
You don't even know that Project Trinity exists, while I know both its history, and its address, and its URL. You don't even know what Project Trintiy is, and you claim to be in Naval Intelligence. Now I will take back what I said about you being merely stupid, which can be the result of lack of knowledge and happen to anyone. Obviously, you are a liar.

You're also a total retard for thinking that WWI and WWII are just a movie. I can't imagine that you think your even literate enough to read the Bible and run a Christian website when you're that imbecilic. You must be one of those dumb religious existentialists who think that nothing exists.
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Why are you here?

Well, I'm definitely not here to sit on my hands and be insulted by people who can't even originate a logical proposition and form a valid syllogism. Stupid blasphemers. Everyone thinks that they can just cherry pick a handful of lines form the Bible and string together an order from a bunch of mistranslated doughty quotations.
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