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Ellen G White - Seventh-day Adventists false prophetess

Heather Frank

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What I said has nothing to do with freedom of speech.

The following clarifies on marriage. Nowhere does the Bible bar a preacher from being married as in the Catholic Church and others. But with everything else set in the Bible not being married is an invitation to sin since the sex drive is a common human attribute. And how good can a man be on counciling family issues if he is not married?

Family matters should really be kept out of religion. If you ever get the chance, read the Bible, focusing on the four gospels which tell the story of Jesus. It's nothing to do with his family. He doesn't have a dad, and neither, if you ever get a chance to actually read the book, did a certain prophet by the name of Samuel, who anointed a person by the name of Jehu.

Something Jesus once said was, "If anyone will not leave father and mother and follow me, then they are not worthy of me."


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The Bible is very relevant to family matters. Examples compare the church to a bride, Jesus to the groom and Christians to children and brothers and sisters.