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Can Palestinians Please Join

Thine Own Way Lord

Getting Started
It would be truly a wonderful amazing thing if somehow the hearts and minds of the Palestinian people would be turned to accept and love their Jewish neighbors, if they would be a loving and caring neighbor to Israel and a friend to the good people of Israel

but what will it take ?

1994, the United States has provided more than $ 5.2 billion in aid to Palestinians

In 2005, - All Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip were completely dismantled and all Israeli settlers and all of the Israeli army evacuated from inside the Gaza Strip and gave the Palestinians complete freedom to live in peace
and to form their own government and to have free elections

we must keep in mind that Hamas fairly won the Palestinian legislative elections in January 2006

the majority of Palestinians voted for Hamas the election campaign message of Hamas in 2006 was promise to fulfill the destruction of Israel and destroy the Jews

Hamas won a landslide victory in Palestinian elections - the majority of Palestinians voted for a government that promised work in violence and military force to destroy Israel.

From the moment Palestinian Children are able to speak and communicate, they begin training to fight and kill Jews.

Here is a - third grade recital that Palestinian children in the third grade are taught to remember and repeat together.

National Education and Socialization, Grade 3, Vol. 1, 2016–17, p. 15–16.
Activity 1: We listen and repeat:
Warrior, warrior, warrior,
Oh my land, the land of the ancestors
Warrior, warrior, warrior,

I have climbed the mountains and fought the struggle
I have conquered the impossible, and smashed the bonds
With the wind's resolve and the weapon's fire
And the determination of my people to fight the struggle

Palestine is my revenge and the land of steadfastness
By the oath under the flag
By my land and people, and the fire of pain
I will live as a warrior, I will remain a warrior,
I will die as a warrior—until my country returns.

The Palestinian children are given activities around these types of national poems that narrates to them that
the concept of “return” [into Israel] should be achieved by blood spilling and self-sacrifice.

The following poem,

“The Land of the Generous” by Hamid Mahmoud, is printed under a picture of Jerusalem, East and

We sing and remember:
The Land of the Generous
I vow I shall sacrifice my blood, to saturate the land of the generous
And will eliminate the usurper from my country, and will annihilate the
remnants of the foreigners.

Our Beautiful Language, Grade 3, Vol. 2, 2016–17, p 64.

Palestinian children are expected to become martyrs; in other words, to be killed in conflicts with defensive Israeli security forces.

Palestinian children are taught that they are called - “The Martyr.” Getting killed in clashes becomes part of the curriculum.

When Palestinian children reach Grade 4 they are taught

Our Beautiful Language, Vol. 1, 2016–17, pp. 32–35.

While Layla is dreaming about the return to Palestine/Israel, in the following poem by Ibrahim Ali, two young members of Fatah, the lion cub boy and the flower girl, are ready to attack.

The accompanying illustration shows the two, in uniform, against the background of a blood-spilled path leading to Jerusalem. They commit themselves to conquer Haifa, Jaffa and Jerusalem.

The fact is, Palestinian children spend their entire lives training and learning how to make bombs and rockets and weapons of terrorism - from the moment they are able to communicate and receive instructions, they are taught how to kidnap Jews and their training puts them directly on the battlefield and in the line of fire.

The Hamas government is a military force of about 20,000 - 25,000 members in a Palestinian region of almost 5 MILLION Palestinians yet the Palestinians do not resist their violence in fact the Palestinian voted for the the Hamas government and many have assisted the Hamas government in continual attacks against Israel

5 MILLION Palestinians are unable to stop 25,000 militants - - this means that for every single 1 member of Hamas - there are 200 Palestinians who sit by allowing these 25,000 militants to use 5 MILLION Palestinians as human shields

Can Palestinians Please Join Me - we can join in love and peace.
Isaiah 2:4 kept coming to mind as I read this. There may be individual exceptions but I don’t see the Palestinians changing their hearts and minds in this present evil age. I think it will take the return of the Messiah for that to happen.
Are Palestinians descendants of ancient Hebrews?

Genealogy already sheds light on this question. Studies that will be shown and referenced down below conclude that

1. The frequency of paternal lineages (Y-DNA) in Jewish populations such as the Jews of North-Africa are identical to Palestinians and Lebanese and that these frequencies in paternal lineages are not seen in other populations (such as true Arabs), meaning that Palestinians, Lebanese, many Jews (and other Levant populations) contain unique paternal ancestors that other populations don’t show.

2. The Y-chromosomes between a great percentage of modern day Palestinians and a great percentage of Jewish people are inherited from the same paternal ancestors from that Canaan region within the last few thousand years, meaning that Palestinians (and other Levant populations such as Lebanese), and many Jewish populations show identical subclades of the same parent haplogroup from their paternal lineage.


Answer~~~~ YES